The Path To Your AI Project

How to get started

Getting an AI project of the ground is not a trivial task, but we can help you to make it as easy as possible. With our customers we always follow the five steps detailed below: Utilise expertise, craft a domain model, create a proof of concept, test and improve and deploy in production.

Choosing your partner

At neuralfinity, we are experts in applying the most cutting edge technology. But knowing the tech alone, isn't sufficient: Our proven expertise in extracting, modelling and applying domain knowledge to real world problems is what makes us stand out. 

Network of partners

With a wide network of partners we can also cater to different needs and enable the benefits of artificial intelligence to be deployed anywhere on any platform for any user, providing anything from backend APIs to fully featured mobile apps or agile teams working with your own development teams.

Utilising your domain experts

You already have the experts that know your business. We can extract their knowledge to sharply define your challenge and harness their expertise to build a solution. 

Crafting a domain model

Together with your experts, our teams will craft a constantly evolving model of a domain oriented solution that solves your actual challenges and evolves and improves over the course of the entire project. Like this we can ensure that our solution will be applicable and not suffer from missing details or feature overload. 

Creating the first Proof of Concept

Using the domain model, our experts will create a first proof of concept demonstrating a possible solution for your use case. This proof of concept is not yet meant for production use, but could be trialed and used for feedback.

Test. Improve. Repeat.

Working closely with the solutions' end-users, we evaluate the proof of concept thoroughly and iteratively improve it until we reach production maturity. In this process we identify any problems or design or conceptual problems before, avoiding problems after role-out and ensuring the solution is actually up to the determined task. 


Deployment in production

After incorporating all feedback and rigorous testing we deploy the production grade solution, catapulting you to the forefront of your industry. Applying artificial intelligence to your business challenges will allow you to gain competitive advantages and moving in a new direction ahead of your competition. 


You Have A Challenge For Us?

We are always interested in new projects that help us apply bleeding edge technology to real world problems.


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