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Welcome to neuralfinity. We are your AI Research Lab, driving innovation in deep learning and apply our findings to global challenges.

Challenges present opportunities for us, solving them allows us to grow our knowledge and apply cutting edge technologies from the field of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to tackle challenges from the climate crisis to resource efficiency to the shortage of skilled labour. We want to make algorithms fairer and apply them to make the world better. 

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

AI is currently one of the most hyped topics. We cut through the bullshit and explain the most important terms, so you can make informed decisions and join the conversation, ahead of your competition.

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The Path to Your Project

You have a business challenge and want to solve it together? Learn more about how we can help you utilise your expertise about your own business field to create powerful AI-Agents and enable your business with AI-powered applications.

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Fields of Research

Learn more about our fields of research, from machine vision, to deep reinforcement learning algorithms to enhancing and growing AI-Frameworks.

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Based in London, Bremen and California - At Home All Over The World

We are based in London UK, near to some of the most renown universities and in reach of some of the biggest AI research organisations, but our teams  are also distributed in Bremen, Germany and Berkeley, California. 

Just like our team, our customers are spread out across the world, giving our impact a global reach.

Understanding AI

What even is

bootstrapped star

We helped to break it all down for you, from explaining terms,
understanding limits and opportunities to going into the history of AI.


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